Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Red Ring of Death: Summary

It's been over a week since my Xbox was returned to me. I'll break down my thoughts below:


Getting my Xbox to and from the service center was as quick and painless as I could have hoped for.

Microsoft provided detailed instructions, all the materials I needed, and automated means for getting status updates.

The only improvement I can imagine is the ability to take my Xbox to a local service center for same or next day repair. 


I appreciate that I didn't need to talk to anyone during the process. Overall Microsoft was clear and concise. However, Microsoft didn't go above and beyond to compensate for my troubles.

Microsoft did include a month of Xbox Live for free. However, my Xbox Live yearly subscription was running while my Xbox was in repair so this 'gift' was the least they could do.  

At an Amazon value of $7.99, please excuse me if I am not overwhelmed with gratitude.


Xbox sent me a working consul rather than repairing the consul I purchased so I 'can get back to playing and enjoying [my] Xbox quicker.'

What's most concerning is that my new Xbox is much louder than my previous Xbox. I'm not sure if the fan is broken or if it's just different hardware. I can only hope this isn't a sign of an impending Red Ring of Death or if it is, that it happens before the warranty expires.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lucasfilm: Indy 4

At the top of this blog, I stated that all companies that I previously hate would get a clean slate, and technically, I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull before starting this blog. However, this company has been so egregious over the past two decades, I can't help but call it out.

The most recent disaster has been well documented. These two links sum up my feelings better than my own words would:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Red Ring of Death: Day Seventeen

The Xbox is here!

Seventeen days after my Xbox crashed while I was playing Call of Duty 4, my Xbox has returned. Unfortunately, I don't have time to set it up now, but I will set it up, test it out, and update with a summary of my experience shortly.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

American Airlines: Telephone Ticketing Service Fee

When I need to purchase a plane ticket, I visit my favorite ticket search site:*

When I recently searched for a ticket via Kayak, I found the cheapest were offered by American Airlines. So I clicked the tickets, which took me away from Kayak to the American Airlines website.

Unfortunately, it didn't take me to the tickets that I wanted to purchase. Therefore, I searched for them at the AA website. I searched by all three criteria that American Airlines offers: Price, Schedule, and Price and Schedule. However, it appeared that the tickets Kayak described weren't available.

As a result, I returned to Kayak, where I noticed a useful link, something along the lines of 'Tickets not found?', so I clicked and was taken to a Kayak page that included:
  • AA's phone number (800-433-7300)
  • instructions for getting the advertised schedule and price.
I prefer to buy everything online. The last thing I want to do is talk to someone on the phone. So far, my only problem was the minor inconvenience of having to call AA when I'd prefer to order online.

However, at the end of my call, the operator quoted a price that was twenty dollars more than the list price. I assumed this was a tax (my mistake), but in fact, it was a hidden fee.

When I received my email confirmation, AA confirmed that I had been charged $20 for ordering my ticket on the phone. This was frustrating to me, because, I didn't want to purchase this service nor did I realize this service came at a cost.
  1. I wish the agent described the $20 fee before charging me (I should have asked).
  2. I wish AA had allowed me to purchase the tickets online easily. It would save AA cost, and be more convenient for me.
* I love Kayak except for their 'Flight Times' filter. This feature should allow me to select the day for which I want to filter time. In other words, if I want to arrive no later than 6 PM on Friday, but I'm also considering Thursday flights, I don't want to filter Thursday flights that arrive after 6 PM on Thursday from my results.

Red Ring of Death: Day Sixteen

It's been over two weeks since I experienced the Red Ring of Death, and I am still Xbox-less.

According to the Microsoft website, my Xbox shipped as early as Monday. When I shipped the Xbox to Microsoft, I shipped it on Saturday, and it reached its destination in Texas on Friday or so.

Hopefully, my box is in San Pablo, and it will be delivered in the next day or two.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Red Ring of Death: Day Thirteen

Today, Monday June 16, 2008, I logged into my Device Service center to check the status of my Xbox, which I mailed to Microsoft 9 days ago.

Here is the status of my device:

I have to admit that I'm impressed with the turnaround time. Tomorrow is two weeks from when I first received the Red Ring of Death. Hopefully, my Xbox will arrive this week, and despite having to ship my Xbox across the country, I will have completed the process within 3 weeks.

It's unfortunate that I had to bother with this at all, but given the defect, the only 2 changes that would have improved my experience would have been to receive email updates on my status or receive the option to take my Xbox to a local service center where I could have had faster turnaround.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Red Ring of Death: Days Seven and Eight

We're now a week into my experience with the Red Ring of Death. I left my Xbox with UPS on Saturday around Noon, and today, I logged onto the UPS website to check on the status.

From Saturday to Monday, my package made it from San Francisco to San Pablo. At 3 AM, on Tuesday it departed San Pablo, and the "Rescheduled Delivery" day is June 13.

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